Hi there, Michaël here. I host The Inside View podcast, where I ask experts about the future of technology. I was previously scaling hash.ai (Jun-Aug 2021), detecting bone fractures in X-rays at AZmed (Jan-Jun 2021) writing Python for ledr.io (Oct-Dec 2020) and interned at the Future of Humanity Institute (April-Sep 2019). You can find some of my writing on FloydHub, Medium and the Alignment Forum.


HASH, London


Force multiplier. Financial & People Ops. Product & Marketing.

AZmed, Paris

Deep Learning Researcher

Organ classifier re-annotating 1M X-rays with 80% accuracy.

LEDR, San Francisco (Remote)

Data Scientist


Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford

Deep Learning Internship

Open-sourced quantilizers. Wrote on AI deception.

FloydHub, San Francisco (Remote)

Deep Learning Writer

Wrote a "neat introduction to Reinforcement Learning" (creator of Keras) & 2nd top google search result on meta-reinforcement learning.


Simplified Experiments

Reproduced two experiments from Prefrontal Cortex as a Meta-Reinforcement Learning System by simplifying the observation and action space, bringing the training time from 112 GPU-days to 1 CPU-day.

Reinforcement Learning Book Challenge

Wrote the code from scratch for all of the models of "Reinforcement Learning: an Introduction", matching the peformance of the 47 experiments. The repo includes the solution for all of the exercises, anki flashcards summarizing the core concepts in the book and my code for all of the experiments.